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Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

Savorfull works with several niche markets including business-to-business, sports/entertainment, educational institutions and vendors that food manufacturers usually cannot reach. Savorfull is an alternative channel for your company’s sales. We support our vendors by recommending and advertising their products through social media, television media, blog posts and special private events.

Savorfull clients are typically businesses, organizations, sports teams, educational institutions and vending in private schools. Take a look at our clients page for more info.

The Savorfull Team hand-selects products that are free-from the top eight allergens, gluten, artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup. We love local, organic and non-GMO products. We also look for single serving and bulk products so that we can meet the needs of all of our clients.

There is no fee required to set up a partnership with Savorfull.
The food manufacturers we work with must be able to drop ship (ship directly to our clients). They must agree that they will not contact our customers directly and that all communications for product/sales/orders go through Savorfull exclusively. Please complete our “Vendor Registration Form” for our review so we may start the process for approving your company!

When a Savorfull client purchases your products via our Savorfull website, a purchase order will be sent directly to your company from Savorfull after we have reviewed and approved the order. Your company will then fulfill the order and ship it directly to our client from your warehouse. Savorfull does not warehouse any products.

The client will receive a packing slip only. Confirmation of the purchase order and tracking for the orders will be sent directly to by your company.

Each company has different requirements for shipping costs. We prefer that you add shipping into the cost of your product or offer free shipping with minimum orders. Your products will ship directly from you by your preferred carrier. The warehouse you are shipping from must also be able to utilize third party billing on UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier(s) when applicable. We will supply you with the account number for each shipment when required.

At this time we are currently unable to ship outside of the Continental US. We are, however, working towards this option. Please check back with us, as this may change in the future.


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