Stacy Goldberg’s Tips Featured on “Eat This Not That: 20 Foods For A Healthy Gut”

“Many dairy-free yogurts made from almond, soy, or rice milk are much easier for people to digest that their dairy counterparts,” says Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN, and founder of Savorfull. “There are so many new ones available on the market and they contain gut loving live active cultures such as S.Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L.Acidophilus, and Bifidobacteria.” That’s right, going dairy-free doesn’t mean you have to go without the live active cultures found in yogurt. Goldberg does add a note of caution – it’s important to read nutrition labels carefully as many brands have added obscene amounts of sugar to their yogurts. “Also many dairy-free yogurts are lower in protein so you may want to add nuts and seeds to boost your protein intake which, along with fiber, is essential for keeping your tummy satisfied and full for a longer period of time.

Do you know which foods to buy for a healthy gut? Stacy Goldberg and other national experts chime in on their tips for improving your gut health through food. Check out these tips featured on Eat This Not That: 20 Foods For A Healthy Gut by Sharon Feieresen

The Skinny on Sugar: How Sweet It Is–Stacy Goldberg’s “Eat Right Now” Featured In The Detroit Jewish News

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but sugar lingers everywhere.  The amount of sugar packed into your foods can be overwhelming and challenging for the average consumer. However, there is nothing like the sweetness of taking care of your body, soul and mind.  This month Stacy Goldberg shares her thoughts on sugar and how you can find healthy alternatives to lower the amount of sugar in your diet. Check out her February column, “Eat Right Now” Featured in the Detroit Jewish News: How Sweet It Is: The Skinny on Sugar. 

Valentine’s Day Means Heart Health At Savorfull & UBS/BLS Financial Group

This Valentine’s Day, our CEO Stacy Goldberg was honored to be invited to speak at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan on Women and Heart Health. UBS/BLS Financial Group from Southfield, Michigan honored women by offering them a gorgeous luncheon combined with massages, speakers, tarot card readings, chocolate (yes, there was dark chocolate too!), and much more. Stacy Goldberg spoke to the women about keeping their hearts healthy and nutrition guidelines/strategies to implement for a healthy lifestyle. Just a few of  Stacy’s heart healthy tips included:

–Be active–ensure you are getting at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, even if it is 10 minute increments

–Know your caloric budget, no different than your financial budget.

–Use technology to support your efforts..check out tools such as Foodstand and My Fitness Pal to encourage your healthy eating habits and maintain a healthy weight.

–Limit the amount of added sugars in your diet, as added sugars increase your risk of having heart disease.

–Limit the amount of saturated fats in your diet and eat heart healthy fats instead such as plant based oils, salmon and other fatty fish, nuts, seeds and avocado.

–Increase and vary your intake of brightly colored fruits and vegetables each day.


The women went home with delicious Savorfull heart healthy treats including dark chocolate bars from Birmingham Chocolate and yummy gluten free raw bars from Rawxies

NBA Fit Week: Detroit Pistons Partner with Stacy Goldberg and Henry Ford Health System For “Ready, Set, Cook” Healthy Cooking Competition



To celebrate NBA Fit Week, Stacy Goldberg, Savorfull CEO & Detroit Pistons Team Nutritionist, worked with the Pistons and Henry Ford Health System to create healthy recipes for students from Generation With Promise to compete in a healthy cook-off.  Pistons players, Ish Smith and Darrun Hilliard, worked with the students to create the recipes that Stacy Goldberg and Henry Ford Health System chefs provided for the exciting cook-off! Team Ish made a healthy oven “fried” chicken and mac-n-cheese, while Team Darrun cooked up yummy meatballs with spaghetti squash and salad made with homemade ranch dressing.  Stacy sat on a judges panel with Pistons legend Earl Cureton, Stacey Lovelace (WNBA) and executives from the Henry Ford Health System.  It was a close call and tough competition but Team Ish was declared the winner! Congrats to all the participants! 

Check out more about the event on  and enjoy the yummy recipes!  

Photo by: Brian Sevald

Photo by: Brian Sevald

Valentines Day Love

Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Strawberries and Coconut

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and your loved one deserves something special this year. Instead of picking up a box of chocolates from the store, pamper them with something just as decadent, but healthy! This Valentine’s Day we have partnered with one of our amazing past team members and interns, Lexi Sinclair, now the author of Our Superfood Kitchen.  Our Superfood Kitchen has partnered with Stacy Goldberg and the Savorfull team to create homemade rich, velvety chocolate encasing creamy nut butter, topped with festive freeze-dried strawberries and coconut flakes. Refined sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free (and even nut free if you’d like!), these mini treats are sure to satisfy any chocoholics’ craving.

Chocolate made from scratch may sound daunting, but chances are, you probably have all five of the ingredients in your pantry! All you’ll need is coconut oil, maple syrup, unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder, sea salt and vanilla and about 15 minutes of your time. This versatile recipe can also be used for homemade chocolate bark, ganache, or as a fudge sauce for ice cream. Give it a try, and you’ll never be tempted to go on that late-night chocolate run again!


The recipe calls for  NuttZo Peanut Butter filling, but feel free to substitute with sunflower seed butter for a nut-free version. Brothers All Natural Freeze-Dried Strawberries add a satisfying crunch and burst of flavor.

What are you waiting for? Get ahead of the game and make a batch tonight and store in the fridge or freezer until Valentine’s Day!

Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Strawberries and Coconut



1/2 cup cacao powder


1/2 cup coconut oil, melted


1/2 cup maple syrup


                                                          1 tsp vanilla


                                                            pinch of sea salt


                                                            1/2 cup cashew, peanut or almond butter


                                                          For topping: freeze dried raspberries and toasted coconut flakes




Whisk melted coconut oil, cacao powder, maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt until smooth.


Line a mini muffin tin with mini muffin liners. (Alternatively, you can use regular sized muffin tins and fill less.)


Pour chocolate into each tin, filling about 1/3 of the cup.


Place in freezer for 5 to 10 minutes.


Remove from freezer and fill an additional 1/3 with nut butter of choice.


Top with remaining chocolate to cover the nut butter and return to freezer for 2 minutes.


Remove and top with crushed freeze dried raspberries and coconut flakes. Return to freezer for 2-4 hours, or until completely frozen.


Store in airtight container in fridge.


About Lexi and Our Superfood Kitchen: Lexi is a plant-based recipe developer and runs the blog Our Superfood Kitchen with her mom, Beth. A recent graduate of Amherst College, where she majored in English, Lexi loves all things writing, reading, cooking, and of course, eating! Head to their Instagram, @superfoodrunner, for daily healthy recipes and allergy-free inspiration.

Savorfull’s Stacy Goldberg on 22 Best Foods for Skiing and Snowboarding | Eat This Not That


We all know and love fiber for helping us beat the bloat by keeping us full longer. But before hitting the slopes, you want to make sure you’re opting for a lower fiber breakfast to help prevent an upset digestive track; basically, you don’t want to feel an unrelenting urge to hit the bathroom when you’re in the middle of a mountain! Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN and founder of Savorfull recommends one slice of 100% whole wheat or sprouted grain toast with one tablespoons nut butter and half a banana. It’s an easy, quick option that also happens to be wallet-friendly. Find out more by seeing the 15 Reasons People Are Obsessed with Ezekiel Bread.


For the full article click here:

Savorfull’s Stacy Goldberg on 21 Times You Should Choose the Generic Brand | Eat This Not That


Many cereals come in generic varieties with exactly the same ingredients,says Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN and CEO/founder of Savorfull. This is especially true for the healthier options. (Although, there are very few of them when it comes to packaged cereals!) Some of the best options for generic cereals are plain oatmeal, bran flakes, and rice crisps. Always steer clear of these 20 Worst “Good for You” Cereals, though.



For the full article click here:

A Matter of Taste! Behind the Business with Savorfull’s Stacy Goldberg

While I like to eat healthy as much as I can, sometimes it’s tough to keep track of which ingredients I should be avoiding or to figure out the tastiest way to prepare the good stuff.

That’s where Savorfull comes in.

Savorfull was started by nutritionist Stacy Goldberg with the goal of helping ordinary people like me eat well – and that goes for both nutrition AND taste. Savorfull pairs healthy and delicious food options with tailored nutritional consulting to make it easy to get all of your needs satisfied.

Read my interview with Stacy below! Bon appetit!

Tell us about your business in as much detail as you can. What is it that you do and who are your customers?

Savorfull is a Detroit-based team of experienced nutritionists that provides yummy, healthy, allergen-friendly, and gluten-free foods and nutrition consulting services to businesses, organizations, and sports teams across the country.

The Savorfull team assists their clients in nutritional matchmaking to help find the right free-from foods for their needs, while providing nutrition education and wellness services at the same time.

Savorfull represents local and national food manufacturers committed to making products free-from anything artificial including colors, dyes, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and anything else not wanted in your body!

What made you choose this path? Is it a family legacy or are you a pioneer? Did you go to school for it or are you learning as you go?
This podcast will give you an idea of the history behind Savorfull and how we got started!

Stacy Goldberg, superstar nutritionist and founder of Savorfull

They say that to be successful you have to be passionate, so share what drives you every day. Why do you love what you do?

I can’t wait to wake up each morning and continue building my business. Since I was in undergraduate school I have had a passion for helping people through food. I have recognized that through Savorfull, I can help on a larger scale just by changing people’s everyday food choices. I see the direct results  — whether it be in weight loss, helping someone lower their cholesterol through food, or finding safe choices when you face a life-threatening peanut allergy. I am completely obsessed with the innovation around healthy food, thus I love searching the country for the newest and most interesting, tasty, free-from foods.

Has it been smooth sailing or have you overcome adversity to get where you are?

I have had to overcome quite a bit of adversity to get where I am today, both personally and professionally. When Savorfull started, we were a monthly box subscription service in the allergy-friendly space. While I loved the concept, it was very hard for us to scale. We had to recognize that there was a better way, pivot, and then spend some time revamping the entire business. Not easy! Also, I spent years struggling to find someone who believed in me and my concepts.  I am so grateful and appreciative that I found support in my partners at Quicken Loans and Dan Gilbert’s team.

Professionally, I also started my business while being a divorced full-time single mother. I spent countless hours balancing starting a business with taking care of my children. I am stronger for it and hopefully have provided a good role model for my kids!


What do you do with your time off? Are you familiar with that concept?

What’s time off when you own your own business? Ha! I used to not have any idea what that meant but, as my business has grown, I have learned to balance a bit more. I make time for myself to practice yoga and pilates, work out, play tennis, and spend time with my friends and family. I also like to travel and I spend a great deal of time in beautiful northern Michigan in the summer. I have learned to work smarter, not harder.

Stacy spending time with the family!

This is the age of the social network. How important is social media to your business and how do you make it work?

Social media is critical to our business. It has helped us build our brand tremendously. We use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. We post regularly and try to share interesting content each day to engage our followers. We have team members that help with the social media daily and contribute to content. We are starting to engage with more of the blogger community and reach out to them about our company.

How are you involved in your community?

I am very involved with the local metro Detroit and downtown Detroit communities. I serve on many philanthropic boards and committees, including the Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit and the Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic. I have recently been appointed to the Jewish News of Metro Detroit Board of Advisers. I am very active in community events and try to engage my children in our community as well. I am also on committees for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

What does supporting local mean to you?

Supporting local means remembering to utilize and shop at the businesses in the community in which you live. I work hard to educate customers on the fact that we are a local woman-owned Michigan business. This matters, especially with the rebirth of the city of Detroit. If we don’t support each other, then how are we supporting local? I find this especially difficult when you are an e-commerce business rather than a local storefront or retail. Consumers and businesses view it differently but we continue to push supporting local!!


What does the future look like for you and your business?

Savorfull has a very bright future ahead. We are growing each day by leaps and bounds! Our local and national customer base is expanding daily. We are looking to continue adding more brands and products in the next year (doubling our offerings) as well as expanding to both a B2B and a B2C model, where consumers will also be able to purchase in volume on our new site. We are launching a new e-commerce site in the next few weeks which we have been working very hard on. We are also looking to expand our sales team nationally as well as the number of nutritionists we employ over the next year.  Very exciting!

Do you have any advice for aspiring business owners just starting out?

My advice to business owners just starting out is this:

  • Walk, don’t run! it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Entrepreneurs have the idea that successful businesses were built overnight. NO, THEY WERE NOT! Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Make sure that you have the best team you can. Surround yourself with the smartest people you can find in every area!
  • Pace yourself, don’t work 24 hours a day. Make it sustainable and don’t get burnt out.
  • Eat healthy and exercise every day, no matter how busy you are!

Take a vacation. It’s good for you and your business!

For the full article click here:

New Year, New You


The year 2016 has come and gone, and we now embark on a glimmering New Year in 2017. Did you set health and wellness goals or resolutions in 2016? Do you even remember what they were? 

Did you stick to them? 

So often, we set lofty, unrealistic intentions and place daunting responsibilities on ourselves in the new year. We soon realize that our goals were impractical for our lifestyle, and we obliterate them altogether.

Sound familiar? It may be time to readjust your desires. 

In 2017, I challenge you to simplify your life and set just one single, solitary goal. Not three, not six — just one sound, sustainable, achievable goal that you will have success with.

Stuck on which one to choose? 

Here is my advice on setting your goal for a happy and healthy new year:

Start by brainstorming a complete list of your health and wellness challenges on a piece of paper or in a journal. Write down all the objectives you have in your brain, such as exercising regularly, gaining lean muscle, practicing mindfulness, disconnecting from technology or relieving stress. Then, circle the one that seems most imperative to you now. 

Once you have arrived at your goal, write it large and bold on a piece of paper and place it in a prominent location in your home, office, car, phone or on a vision board. This will be a constant reminder for you every single day.

Make your goal a S.M.A.R.T goal. Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Outline specific strategies you will use to accomplish your goal, set a timeline and determine ways in which you can personally measure your own successes.

Keep a daily diary, journal or log that records the actions or activities you are taking to meet your health and fitness goals. Invest in technology to help you if needed, such as a Fitbit, or using an app such as My Fitness Pal (it’s free) to track your diet and exercise.

Share your objectives with someone who supports and motivates you. This could be a spouse or significant other, a friend, a co-worker or even your children. They may have similar goals, and working together to meet them makes for a more exciting path to success.

Create a Pinterest board that helps to support your health and wellness journey. Find inspiring quotes, recipes, fitness programs, role models and any other images that spark your interest and keep you connected to your mission. •



This is where you can look each month to find hands-on tips for eating what you love in a more healthful way:
• Most restaurants offer grilled chicken in addition to breaded or fried chicken. If your favorite fast-food meal has breaded chicken, ask if you can swap it for a grilled chicken breast.
• Avoid menu items with words like “crispy,” “loaded,” “smothered,” “supreme,” “grande” or “fried.” These are typically laden in oil, loaded with cheese/bacon/sour cream, covered in a fatty sauce or an oversized portion.
• Order your favorite sandwich as a lettuce wrap or your burrito as a bowl to cut calories and refined carbohydrates. You can also turn your sandwich into a salad, as long as you don’t load up on dressing, cheese and fried toppings.
• Choose dishes that have a balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.
• Replace cheese, sour cream or mayo with avocado or guacamole for a creamy texture and a boost of healthy fat.
• Opt for smaller meal options or ask for a box to split your meal in half in advance — appetizer portions work well, too.
• Limit the consumption of bread or tortilla chips before a meal: Ask for raw veggies to dip in guacamole or salsa rather than chips.

Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN, is a nationally recognized nutritional consultant, registered nurse and the CEO and founder of Savorfull (, a Detroit-based e-commerce company that sources nutritionist-approved healthy, allergen-friendly foods and provides nutrition-consulting services. Savorfull is part of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies.

For the full article click here:

Savorfull’s Stacy Goldberg On How to get Rid of Acne and get Clear Skin | Well+Good

What Stacy Has To Say….

The nutritionist

It’s hard to achieve that coveted glow if you’re not eating the right nutrients—healthy skin comes from the inside out, after all. Here’s where you should start, according to a food pro.

Eat the rainbow
“When trying to get clear skin, you should never underestimate the importance of what you eat,” says Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN, Nutrition Consultant, CEO and founder of Savorfull. “A skin-friendly diet should focus on dark, leafy greens and getting a variety of color in fruits and vegetables.”

And while sufficient hydration may seem obvious, she reiterates that it’s essential. “Without proper hydration, toxins have a hard time being removed and symptoms like skin irritation, inflammation, and redness can occur,” says Goldberg.

Supplement with vitamins
She also advises to get plenty of vitamins—both internally and topically. “Get your daily recommended allowances of vitamin A through foods such as sweet potatoes or carrots,” says Goldberg. “When used on the skin, lotions containing vitamin A can help control acne.”

The list goes on: vitamin B, “which contains the nutrient biotin which gives your skin a healthy glow,” says Goldberg; vitamin C, which can help with collagen production; vitamin E, “to keep the skin looking supple and soft.” Healthy fats are key as well—”omega-3-rich foods can assist in reducing inflammation, which can subside acne flare-ups,” she says.

What to avoid
“There is some evidence that suggests that diets containing high-glycemic loads may be related to acne,” she says. “Also, limit consumption of dairy products—the hormone IGF-1, which is naturally present in dairy, is behind several skin problems.” (I’ll co-sign that: Cutting dairy did clear up this editor’s skin.)



For the full article click here:


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