Spices For Summer: How to Properly Use Your Thyme (and Other Spices)

Overwhelmed by your spice rack that is full of diverse flavors and unsure which to use? You are not alone. Studies have shown that Midwesterners are open to trying more spices but wind up typically sticking to black pepper and garlic due to lack of knowledge about other, more exotic spices. Our nutritionist and CEO,
Stacy Goldberg, understands the spice struggle and gives the rundown on spices and their health benefits on WDIV Channel 4. Goldberg makes the spice rack less intimidating and more inviting by explaining how to use spices effectively to help prevent diseases, promote healthy bodily functions, combat your sweet tooth, and avoid high sodium and fat to overall “spice things up” and get going in the kitchen to achieve a healthy, well-balanced diet.


Stacy’s Top 5 Favorite Spices-Infused Savorfull Snacks


Actually Spicy Rosted Crunchy Lentils

Add a little crunch to your soup with this all-natural and high protein, spicy addition. Having only three ingredients including lentils, 100% pure olive oil, and spices, these lentils are a great way to healthily spice up your dishes or eat right out of the bag for a satisfying and flavor-packed snack. Even better, they include cayenne, which can be medicinal so give them a go if you are feeling a bit under the weather.

FREE-FROM: Casein, coconut, corn, dairy, egg, gluten, shellfish, soy, tree nut, wheat, GMOs



Ginger Bar Simple Squares

Grab one of these high protein and high fiber bars for sugar and spice and everything nice. These bars are the perfect organic snack bar that are working to shift the grab-and-go food culture from preservatives to whole foods. Throw one in your purse or briefcase, tuck one in your child’s lunchbox, and guiltlessly enjoy this all-natural energy snack with a kick of ginger spice known for helping to soothe upset stomachs.

FREE-FROM: Corn, dairy, egg, soy, gluten, GMOs


Argentinian Chimichurri, Ethiopian Berbere, and Levantine Za’atar Spice Food Nuts Dry-Roasted Almonds

Who knew that almonds could taste this good! Try all three of these unique flavors to experience the spices of various cultures and “eat like a local.” These nuts are all-natural and filled with healthy fats, making this a tasty snack for any time of day. Sprinkle your favorite flavor on your salad to add an exotic twist.

FREE-FROM:  Casein, coconut, corn, dairy, egg, gluten, peanut, shellfish, soy, wheat, sesame

Apple Cinnamon Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar

Looking for a quick, healthy bite to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try these low sodium, tasty cinnamon bars made from Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour to curb your dessert cravings. These bars are a great source of fuel whether you are powering up before a big game or snacking before your speech at an important meeting, and conveniently, cinnamon can help naturally freshen your breath.

FREE-FROM:  Casein, Corn, Dairy, Egg, Peanut, Peanut Free Facility, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nut, Tree Nut Free Facility, GMOs

Sweet & Spicy Germack Castachio Nuts

These bags of pistachios and cashews combine sweet and spicy flavors for a nutritious snack filled with healthy fats and powerful flavors. Produced out of Detroit, these nuts make a great high protein snack alone or addition to Greek yogurt by adding delicious spices with antioxidant effects and unique flavor.

FREE-FROM:  Casein, Coconut, Corn, Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Peanut, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat

Next time you reach for black pepper or garlic, rethink your choice and try something new using our advice. Remember, variety is the spice of life so vary your spices to get the most out of your kitchen (and your snacks)!


Overwhelmed In The Grocery Aisle? Local 4 Nutrition Expert Stacy Goldberg Helps You Decode Food Labels


Lost + Overwhelmed In The Grocery Aisles?

Whether you’re buying for your family, trying to eat all natural food or trying to buy things that will help you lose weight, the options can seem endless.

Nowadays, every company is trying to appeal to shoppers by stamping its packaging with buzzwords + labels that will attract you to buying it.

So what do some of these words really mean?

Savorfull CEO + Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg helped clue WDIV Local 4 News in on some of those buzzwords.

Watch Now on Click On Detroit

Is Your Morning Routine Jeopardizing Your Weight Loss?

This week, we celebrated Wellness Wednesday with Local 4 News! Quite often your morning breakfast, coffee routine or lack of workouts could be jeopardizing your weight loss. 

Stacy Goldberg, Nutritionist teamed up with Local 4 Dr. Frank McgeorgeWDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit to talk healthy habits to make your morning work for you and your weight loss journey!

Watch Click On Detroit Local 4 News Now


Stacy’s Top 5 Breakfast Tips for Changing Up Your Morning Routine


1 Pump up your oatmeal. Add nuts, seeds, nut butter or even a scoop of protein powder to boost the protein to keep you feeling more full and satisfied. Skip the instant oatmeal and opt for probiotic, high fiber and protein filled oatmeal options.


2. Swap out your cereal with empty calories and carbs to for one that has more protein and fiber. Mix with or replace with high protein cereals.


3. Replace your morning bagel or muffin for an egg sandwich. You will increase your protein and cut down on the carbs and sugar. 


4. Make sure your protein bar is providing you with enough energy to last throughout your morning workout or meeting. 


5. Swap out your “light” or “fat free” yogurt for one that has no artificial sweeteners and opt for a higher fat version. Look for less than 8-10 grams of sugar per serving and add nuts and seeds for crunch and healthy fats. Stacy’s favorite yogurt is Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt or Fage Greek Yogurt.


Nutrition Expert Stacy Goldberg’s Talks Breakfast, Anti-Inflammatory Foods and More With She Finds

From beauty tips to nutrition hacks, SHEFinds focuses on providing up feel-good lifestyle information that inspires women to treat themselves in a positive way.  Committed to making women feel good, SHEFinds motto is “Life Stage, Not Age.” This go-to online source provides approachable information written by real women, for real women, including Savorfull CEO, Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN

If losing weight or cleaning up your diet was part of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions, the first step might be cleaning out your pantry. Make a clean eating grocery list full of lean proteins, healthy fats and fresh vegetables. Read SHEFinds article on the 8 Foods You Should Stop Buying At The Grocery Store in 2018, According to Experts to see what nutritionists have to say about your shopping list.

Fill your cart with healthy carbohydrates including legumes and sweet potatoes and skip these 8 carbohydrates that are guaranteed to turn to fat.  Making the list twice, it seems as though it is time to say goodbye to the beloved bagel this year. “These empty calorie carbs will cause the next meal you have to be stored and turn into fat” Dr Marizelle Arce and Stacy Goldberg both agree.

Instead, experts are promoting anti-inflammatory foods as the key to keeping your waist trim this year. Starting your day with a breakfast of steel cut oatmeal topped with berries and nuts is just one of the important tips.  Unlike traditional cereals, which can be packed full of sugar, the steel cut oats provide fiber that will improve digestion and reduce bloat, while the berries will make you feel full and satisfied until lunchtime. Alternate this with a breakfast of eggs-including the yolk!- and sprouted grain toast with avocado.

Other simple swaps including skipping alcohol and replacing red meat with salmon can help to burn fat, rather than store it. Serve salmon over quinoa and roasted vegetables for a nutritionist-approved meal. Read more about the anti-inflammatory foods you should incorporate into your diet to improve your digestion, skin and sleep cycle. If you are looking to shed holiday weight or just clean up your diet this 2018, SHEFinds is a great source for up to date nutritional tips.


Read more nutrition tips on SHEFinds:

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4 Fruits You Should Never Eat For Breakfast, Like, Ever

8 Anti-Inflammatory Proteins You Should Start Eating in 2018 For Weight Loss, According To Nutritionists

4 Anti-Inflammatory Proteins To Eat For Breakfast If You Want A Flat Stomach, According To Nutritionists

4 Foods Everyone Should Stop Eating, According To Nutritionists

What’s The Skinny on 2 of Social Media’s Trendiest Diets? Stacy Goldberg Featured on Local 4 WDIV

As we sat and watched Oprah (in awe) motivate the entire world with her Cecil B. DeMille acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, we could not help but notice the svelte bodies of the celebrities. Trendy and extreme diets are all the rage in Hollywood, but the trend does not always stop there. Many people are taking to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to learn about the hottest diet trends out there. Keto Diet, Atkins, Paleo, Whole 30, Danette May, Weight Watchers. Which one is right for you if any? Our Nutritionist and CEO, Stacy Goldberg, talks with Help Me Hank of WDIV Channel 4 about the real truth behind the 2 most popular diet trends right now: The Keto Diet and The Whole 30.


Watch Now 






strawberries-bananas-peaches-apples-pears-mixed berries




pecans-almonds-cashews-macadamia nuts






cashews-almonds-hazelnuts-brazil nuts-chia seeds-flax seeds-pumpkin seeds


cashews-canola oil


Stacy Goldberg’s Detroit Jewish News Column Eat Right Now: A Healthy Chanukah!

Chanukah has officially started and the smell of latkes and doughnuts are in the air. This month, I shared my healthy tips and food swaps for having a healthy Chanukah in my Detroit Jewish News column ” Eat Right Now”. Before the 8 days spin out of control, read how to control your diet while still enjoying this festive occasion.

Eat Right Now: A Healthy Chanukah! 

Wishing all of those celebrating a very happy and healthy holiday! 


Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN

CEO & Founder, Savorfull

Nutrition Consultant 

How To Get A Flat Stomach Without Going To The Gym, According to Experts: Stacy Goldberg, featured on SheFinds

Going to the gym especially in the winter time can be a daunting task for anyone including myself. Keeping up with your daily workouts despite cold weather or a busy schedule is critically important for both physical and mental health. However, I am also a believer that abs are made in the kitchen, not just the gym.  Maintaining a healthy diet in the winter is critical especially around holiday time.  Avoiding the weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is so important so you are not scrambling to take off excess weight when January 1, 2018 comes around.  I spoke to She Finds about my strategies around How To Get A Flat Stomach Without Going To The Gym this week.  

One of Stacy’s tips is to avoid energy bars and protein bars that contain sugar alcohols such as erythritol, xylitol, maltitol and others…check out our wide assortment of energy bars and protein bars FREE-FROM sugar alcohols.

Check out the article here for Stacy’s tips…



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New American Heart Association Guidelines Has Savorfull Checking Labels

On November 13, 2017 new guidelines were released by the American Heart Association regarding blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association, those with a blood pressure reading over 120/80 (120-129) are now considered to have elevated blood pressure. Those with a reading of 130/80 (130-139) are now considered to be in high blood pressure (hypertension) stage 1. The systolic, or top number of the reading, describes the pressure in the arteries when the heart contracts. The lower number is referred to as diastolic pressure and describes the pressure in the arteries when the heart is relaxed.


What should you know about the new guidelines?


The new guidelines reduce what is categorized as high blood pressure from 140/90 to 130/80. To be considered normal, your systolic reading must be less than 120 and diastolic reading less than 80.   Therefore, the number of adults who fall into this category of “high blood pressure” has skyrocketed, with nearly half the population in this category. Many of those who previously fell into the normal category, now are considered at risk. Similarly, those who previously were categorized as “at risk”, are now in the red, having high blood pressure. The lower definition encourages those at risk to begin prevention before complications arise.


Who should be concerned?


If you are at risk for heart attack or stroke, these guidelines are important to note. This includes people over the age of 65, smokers and those with a family history of heart disease. Make sure to speak with your physician to see how these new guidelines affect you. These guidelines are created to increase awareness and encourage lifestyle changes.  


Here at Savorfull, we know that a healthy diet is an important tool in fighting cardiovascular disease. Keeping cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat under control are all major players in overall health and more specifically in heart health. If you are looking to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and hypertension, the DASH diet, or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, emphasizes foods to eat to lower blood pressure. The diet emphasizes limiting sodium, saturated fats, and total fat and encourages choosing whole foods and nutrient dense foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The standard DASH diet recommends 2,300 mg of sodium a day. The lower sodium DASH diet limits sodium to 1,500 mg per day, which coincides with the American Heart Association recommendations. Limiting sodium is one of the extremely important factor in reducing high blood pressure.

When you are on the go, it is often difficult to find snacks that are not loaded with salt, sugar and fat. Luckily, Savorfull has done the job for you in locating delicious, healthy snacks that will keep you on track to maintain a healthy diet. Check out our savorfull approved swaps!




Check out our Savorfull Swaps 

Earnest Eats 

Beanfields Nacho Chips

Field Trip Jerky

Kay’s Naturals High Protein Chips


About Melissa Weiss, Savorfull Intern 

Melissa Weiss is a Savorfull intern born and raised in greater Detroit. Her passions include increasing awareness and accessibility of nutritious and sustainable foods. Melissa attended the University of Vermont where she studied Nutrition and Food Sciences with a focus on Food Systems. She plans to continue her education and hopes to get more involved in the Detroit food scene. Melissa enjoys running, hiking, cooking and doing yoga in her free time. 

Why Throwing Up After A Workout Is More Common Than You Might Think, According to Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg, As Featured in Well + Good

Our Nutritionist and CEO Stacy Goldberg chatted with Well + Good about throwing up post workout and the reasons behind why one may toss their (vegan) cookies post pilates.

” You’re totally crushing your spin class and your post-ride smoothie is in sight when suddenly you think in a panic: How the heck do I unclip my shoes from this bike? I’m about to puke. Don’t worry, it happens. (Seriously, a 2014 Sports Medicine study found that 30–50 percent of athletes experience gastrointestinal discomfort during exercise, and yes, that includes vomiting.)

So what’s the deal? The answer may be in your pre-workout snack, according to Stacy Goldberg, BSN, nutrition consultant, CEO and founder of Savorfull. Which is why “being connected to what you eat and how you feel when you work out is so critical,” she says. “Many athletes have not made that connection. You have to practice a lot of mindfulness when it comes to eating before you exercise.”


Check out the full article featured here on Well + Good 

Stacy Goldberg’s Detroit Jewish News Column “Eat Right Now”: Healthy Halloween, Some Healthy Alternatives to the Sugary Fare

Should you be spooked by Halloween when it comes to your health? Stay educated on the dangers of this frightful night, so you won’t get tricked! Check out our CEO & Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg’s Eat Right Now Column in the Detroit Jewish News Healthy Halloween- Some Healthy Alternatives to the Sugary Fare for healthy halloween tips. Educate yourself on daunting allergies and read Stacy’s swaps for this sugar-filled holiday.

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