Rock That Toned Dad Bod With Savorfull-Approved Healthy Workout Snacks

By Lauren Ruby, Savorfull Intern, Vanderbilt University 

It’s no secret that in order to have a healthy body, you need to eat well and exercise often. As a man, you may have the urge to use promising, highly marketed workout products to get that 6-pack you desire. However, these types of products often contain artificial ingredients that will only slow you down. It’s possible to still get the fuel you need and obtain optimal energy from real food based energy snacks. Yes, it is important to consume carbs and proteins pre- and post- workout but you do not need to rely on artificial products to do so. To learn more about specific protein needs and choices, read Stacy Goldberg’s Should You Be Taking A Protein Powder Supplement?. Rather than choosing protein powder, you can get everything you need from all-natural, free-from snacks. This is easier than it sounds and is better for your health in the long-run.

Now, where do you even begin? How do you know what to choose? You don’t have time to worry about this; you just need a quick snack between work and the gym. Don’t worry, Savorfull has got you covered with our Father’s Day gift to you: the best pre- and post- workout, Savorfull-approved snacks.


Savorfull-Approved Healthy Pre-Workout Snacks

Mint Chocolate Chip RX Bar

We know how you love your protein bars so here is a refreshing, mint chocolate chip protein bar packed with protein and antioxidants to fuel you up for your workout. The protein in this bar comes from egg whites, which are cholesterol-free and easily absorbed by the body so you’re not weighed down by anything other than the weight you’re lifting. Adding to the pre-workout fuel, RX bars contain dates, which give you the carbs you need to burn when you’re running on that treadmill.



Banana Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

Bananas contain potassium, known to assist in preventing cramps during exercise, because no one wants to get stuck in mile 25 of a marathon due to a sneaky leg cramp. Did you know bananas are also filled with simple carbs and sugars helping with optimal nerve and muscle function? Instead of making a mess while you attempt to peel a banana (probably with one hand while speeding to avoid rush-hour traffic), try these deliciously natural dried fruit crisps for an easy, delicious snack.




NuttZo Power Fuel Squeeze Pack 7 Nut & Seed Butter

Try going back to the basics with a PB&J sandwich on whole grain bread. Our advice: swap out your normal, boring peanut butter for this awesome superfood blend. Crafting this delicious sandwich will give you the protein and carbs you need to push yourself even harder during your workout because nuts are a great source of energy and heart-healthy fats. The simple carbs will give you fast energy and the protein will keep you full but not weigh you down. Plus, the sodium is great for your training since you will likely sweat – a lot.





Savorfull-Approved Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

Organic Living Superfoods Raw Sprouted Blueberry Boabab Crunch

After exercise, it is crucial to refuel your body so you are prepared to take on the rest of your day. This delicious snack is loaded with cashews, nuts, and blueberries to provide a delicious snack filled with natural proteins and carbs. The blueberries contain antioxidants and carbs to help reduce inflammation and muscle soreness – especially helpful for after leg day.



Power Germack Fit Mix

This is the perfect snack for guys on-the-go because it comes in a resealable bag to keep on your desk or in your car for when you need a little extra energy. Containing nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, this trail mix is specifically designed to deliver power to your mind and body, exactly you need after hitting the gym. After a few handfuls, you will feel more energized and ready for whatever is next.




Chocolate REDD Superfood Energy Bar

After a workout, your body is recovering and lacking essential nutrients. To help replenish glycogen stores and deliver protein to sore muscles, consume lots of protein for optimal repair and recovery. Luckily, this delicious plant-based energy bar has 10 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals to do just that. Combine with another high protein snack, like scrambled eggs, to give your muscles the treatment they deserve after a tough workout.




No matter what you’re training for, whether it be a marathon, keeping up with your kids, or simply overall health, artificial sport snacks will only hold you and your health back. You need deliciously natural foods to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, even if you’re on the go. Treat yourself this Father’s Day with Savorfull-approved, free-from workout snacks because a healthy dad bod is a happy dad bod.



Lauren Ruby is a current intern with Savorfull and is excited to be pursuing her passions for writing and for health and nutrition. Lauren attends Vanderbilt University, where she is majoring in Medicine, Health, & Society and Spanish.

Vegan Rob’s Snacks: A Global Brand Focused On Nutrition, Compassion + Taste


We scour the country for the most outrageously delicious free-from foods so you don’t have to—here’s what we found this month.

You do not have to be vegan to enjoy Vegan Rob’s snacks. Founded by legendary entrepreneur Robert Ehrlich, Vegan Rob’s wanted to start a global snack company rooted in nutrition and compassion. 

Our Nutritionist + CEO Stacy Goldberg has curated this list of her favorite new Vegan Rob’s snacks just for you to discover, taste + share.

Vegan Rob’s Beet Puffs
Vegan Rob’s Dairy Free Cheddar Puffs 
Vegan Rob’s Wild Rice Chips 
Vegan Rob’s Moringa Puffs
Explore All Vegan Rob’s Snacks

Nutrition Expert Stacy Goldberg’s Talks Breakfast, Anti-Inflammatory Foods and More With She Finds

From beauty tips to nutrition hacks, SHEFinds focuses on providing up feel-good lifestyle information that inspires women to treat themselves in a positive way.  Committed to making women feel good, SHEFinds motto is “Life Stage, Not Age.” This go-to online source provides approachable information written by real women, for real women, including Savorfull CEO, Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN

If losing weight or cleaning up your diet was part of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions, the first step might be cleaning out your pantry. Make a clean eating grocery list full of lean proteins, healthy fats and fresh vegetables. Read SHEFinds article on the 8 Foods You Should Stop Buying At The Grocery Store in 2018, According to Experts to see what nutritionists have to say about your shopping list.

Fill your cart with healthy carbohydrates including legumes and sweet potatoes and skip these 8 carbohydrates that are guaranteed to turn to fat.  Making the list twice, it seems as though it is time to say goodbye to the beloved bagel this year. “These empty calorie carbs will cause the next meal you have to be stored and turn into fat” Dr Marizelle Arce and Stacy Goldberg both agree.

Instead, experts are promoting anti-inflammatory foods as the key to keeping your waist trim this year. Starting your day with a breakfast of steel cut oatmeal topped with berries and nuts is just one of the important tips.  Unlike traditional cereals, which can be packed full of sugar, the steel cut oats provide fiber that will improve digestion and reduce bloat, while the berries will make you feel full and satisfied until lunchtime. Alternate this with a breakfast of eggs-including the yolk!- and sprouted grain toast with avocado.

Other simple swaps including skipping alcohol and replacing red meat with salmon can help to burn fat, rather than store it. Serve salmon over quinoa and roasted vegetables for a nutritionist-approved meal. Read more about the anti-inflammatory foods you should incorporate into your diet to improve your digestion, skin and sleep cycle. If you are looking to shed holiday weight or just clean up your diet this 2018, SHEFinds is a great source for up to date nutritional tips.


Read more nutrition tips on SHEFinds:

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Stacy Goldberg Talks Food Allergy Awareness with Fox 2 Detroit’s Deena Centofanti and Author of Bake Sales Are My B*tch, April Pevetaux

Fox 2 Detroit Features Savorfull’s Stacy Goldberg: Tips To Navigate Food Allergies

The common allergens continue to be a hot topic in the nutrition world. Peanuts, soy, dairy, wheat, egg, tree nuts… the list goes on! These can pose serious health problems for the allergen-sensitive population.

This week, our CEO and Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg talked allergen-friendly tips with Fox 2 Detroit’s Deena Centofanti on The Nine this week.  Check out the latest segment:  Tips To Navigate Food Allergies.


Stacy had the opportunity to review author April Peveteaux’s cookbook “Bake Sales Are My B*tch” in this informative segment. This cookbook gives yummy recipes, tips and advice for living an allergen-friendly lifestyle.  Later that night, Stacy had the pleasure of introducing April at the Jewish Community Book Fair, in which April spoke to parents of children with food allergies about her amazing book.

Detroit Food Entrepreneurs Hustle Harder

Detroit’s food scene is booming with new cafés, restaurants, and coffee shops filling the streets. Savorfull loves supporting local businesses, especially in the bustling motor city. Our CEO Stacy Goldberg knows how to truly hustle after creating her company, Savorfull, from the ground up in Detroit. In this blog post, we introduce you to Detroit food entrepreneurs on the horizon.


This first Detroit foodie is close to our Savorfull family. Our intern, Kelly Sundberg, explores the Detroit food scene while providing tips and tricks on her online blog Detroit Eats. This engaging blog is loaded with recipes, meal ideas, restaurant hot spots, and reviews of current health trends.

To start our Detroit food tour, the Savorfull team hit the ground running and checked out a local Detroit business,  Peaches & Greens Produce. This buzzing produce market is home to Small Batch Detroit, a local enterprise of Detroit Food Academy. We were greeted with crisp produce and delectable products that are made locally.



High school students from local Detroit schools make divine treats in the lively Peaches & Greens kitchen. Savorfull loved to hear that Small Batch Detroit offers real-world employment and career opportunities for Detroit Food Academy high school graduates. These students have an overwhelming passion for local food, the city of Detroit, and entrepreneurship… just like our CEO Stacy and her team!

Slow Jams are artisanal jams made from 100% Michigan produce and Michigan sugar. These jams are sold at Peaches & Greens in mouthwatering flavors like Cranberry Red Onion and Raspberry Lemon Verbena. Small Batch Detroit not only makes delightful Mitten Bites (yummy granola bars)… they also sell refreshing popsicles from Detroit Pop Shop in the warmer months. This had us missing summer already!


Savorfull had the privilege to indulge in fresh lunches from Fresh Corner Cafe. Fresh Corner is also a part of the Detroit Food Academy, specializing in healthy Detroit catering, workplace wellness, and fresh food access.

Savory pasta bowls, zesty wraps, fresh salads, sweet cut fruit, and more! Throw a lunch box into your work bag for an efficient source of nutrients on the go. Fresh Corner provides lunchbox catering for events filled with Mitten Bites, Detroit Friends Potato Chips, and delicious Fresh Corner wraps & salads! Talk about a taste of Detroit!

Use code SAVORFULL for a 10% discount on lunches from Fresh Corner Cafe! (Enjoy one time per customer)

Savorfull is fired up about the happenings at Small Batch Detroit, Detroit Food Academy, Fresh Corner Cafe, Detroit Eats, and many other Detroit-based food businesses. We encourage you to join us in supporting local in the motor city!


Immersing Ourselves in Culture: Savorfull Hits The Michigan Jewish Food Festival & Hears From Joan Nathan, Author of King Solomon’s Table


This past Sunday afternoon, Savorfull explored the Michigan Jewish Food Festival at Eastern Market in search of local vendors offering healthy snacks. Shed 5 was buzzing with locals eager to find new products to add to their kitchen. The aromas of spices and flavors filled the Detroit air as people rushed in the shed doors.

Our Savorfull team is passionate about free-from foods and products with simple nutrient dense ingredients. Our expectations were met when we saw what the vendors at the Jewish Food Festival had to offer.  Some vendors shared gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and dairy-free items such as baked goods and granola bars.

We happened to catch one of our Savorfull brands at the Jewish Food Festival- Spice Foods! These dry roasted almonds are packed full of flavor but contain no added oils. With flavors like Argentinian Chimichurri, Ethiopian Berbere, and Levantine Za’atar… these almonds will add some extra spice to your workday.  Not only will they add spice, they provide a healthy source of fats and  protein which can keep you feeling full. Spice Foods almonds are certified kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural. They are also free-from casein, coconut, corn, dairy, egg, peanut, shellfish, soy, wheat, and sesame. Spice Foods say that it is essential to experience a culture through food. What better way to incorporate new spices into your day than picking up some of these all-natural almonds? Order Spice Foods products at our Savorfull website to see what all the rage is- after all, their vendor table was swarming with locals on Sunday!

The West Bloomfield based restaurant Soul Cafe caught the eyes of Savorfull employees because of their healthy yet trendy food dishes. This kosher restaurant is part of the Friendship Circle’s Soul Projects and offers gourmet Jewish dishes that combine nutritious ingredients in a tasty way. One of their delicious menu items is the Veggie Shakshuka- a dish featuring squash, spinach, feta, nestled egg. Soul Cafe also offers Soulful Frittatas and a Grilled Nectarine Salad. The Savorfull team enjoyed Soul Cafe’s granola bars packed with nutrient-dense ingredients such as oats, cherries, blueberries, chia, maple, dates, pecan, and flax.

The Savorfull team wanted to increase our knowledge of healthy foods after attending the Jewish Food Festival. On Monday, our very own CEO & Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg and her team headed to Temple Beth El to hear Joan Nathan speak about her new cookbook King Solomon’s Table. This cookbook focuses on incorporating traditional Jewish cooking onto the modern day kitchen table. Joan explained that most foods that we consider “modern” truly date back to ancient times. Her recipes use simple, yet wholesome ingredients such as chickpeas, pomegranates, lentils, dates, and sesame… just to name a few! Joan shared with us that she couldn’t possibly find the information for her cookbook over a phone or online. She needed to immerse herself in the Jewish culture for the recipes she was making by traveling to India, France, Italy, Mexico, El Salvador and Israel. Pick up King Solomon’s Table to incorporate traditional cooking into your home while expanding your palette.

Challenge yourself to add a non-traditional recipe to your week or try a new flavor-packed snack. Exploring new foods might sound intimidating at first, but it is worth the investment for your future generation of family recipes! Join us in experiencing other cultures by learning more about authentic recipes to add to your kitchen.

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