This Valentine’s Day, our CEO Stacy Goldberg was honored to be invited to speak at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan on Women and Heart Health. UBS/BLS Financial Group from Southfield, Michigan honored women by offering them a gorgeous luncheon combined with massages, speakers, tarot card readings, chocolate (yes, there was dark chocolate too!), and much more. Stacy Goldberg spoke to the women about keeping their hearts healthy and nutrition guidelines/strategies to implement for a healthy lifestyle. Just a few of  Stacy’s heart healthy tips included:

–Be active–ensure you are getting at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, even if it is 10 minute increments

–Know your caloric budget, no different than your financial budget.

–Use technology to support your efforts..check out tools such as Foodstand and My Fitness Pal to encourage your healthy eating habits and maintain a healthy weight.

–Limit the amount of added sugars in your diet, as added sugars increase your risk of having heart disease.

–Limit the amount of saturated fats in your diet and eat heart healthy fats instead such as plant based oils, salmon and other fatty fish, nuts, seeds and avocado.

–Increase and vary your intake of brightly colored fruits and vegetables each day.


The women went home with delicious Savorfull heart healthy treats including dark chocolate bars from Birmingham Chocolate and yummy gluten free raw bars from Rawxies