Grocery Store Tours


Unsure of how to navigate the grocery store?

Savorfull offers innovative group grocery store tours with our nutritionists to guide you through the aisles.   

We help you find yummy, healthy alternatives to your favorite foods, while also providing dietary assistance for a variety of dietary lifestyles, medical diagnoses, food allergies, and overall health goals.

This exciting, visual and hands-on nutrition education experience provides the perfect opportunity to learn how to make healthier choices and fuel your team members for maximum performance.

In a 60-minute* interactive walk-through, our nutritionists will cover label-reading, meal planning , and how to make healthier food choices in each aisle of the store.

Tour topics may be customized to meet your group or team’s interests and needs.

Pricing is determined by group size and individual needs. Please contact us for more information about pricing and scheduling.

Let the grocery store be our classroom. We bring the knowledge, you bring the team members. 

*Longer tours may be scheduled based on client needs

Please contact us for details about pricing and scheduling.



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