B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix

B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix 1.9oz 18 Packs/Case

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Product Description

B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix 

B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix is made with raw nuts, seeds and organic spices. Made to eat by the handful, on top of salads, oatmeal or to top off your yogurt parfait. With hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, this snack is nutritious and savory and perfect snack on the go! Nutrient dense , these snack packs offer 5 g of protein per serving. A great snack on the go free-from artificial anything. Clean snacking at its finest!

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Raw Cashews, Raw Almonds, Raisins, Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Sunflower Seeds, Cinnamon, Sea Salt and Nutmeg.
Allergen Information: Contains Almonds and Cashews

Product Features

Gluten Free, Made in Michigan, Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Sodium, Paleo

What Are You Free-From ?

Coconut Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Shellfish Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free, Grain Free, Sesame Free, Sesame Free Facility


Certified Vegan

Stacy’s Expert Health Tips

-Ditch the croutons on your green salad and top it with B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix instead for extra fiber and protein.
-Use B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix as a crunchy topping over soups, or even desserts.
-Mix B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix with dried cranberries, raisins and 70% dark chocolate chips to create your own trail mix.
-Upgrade your snack game by roasting B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix with aromatic red paprika and garlic powder.
-If you’re a fan of sweet and spicy combined in one bite, toast B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix in some honey and chili powder for a bite filled with sweet heat.
-Add B’Bites Nut & Seed Mix to your banana bread batter for a surprise crunchy element.
-Sprinkle B’Bites Nut & Seed mix over your oatmeal, coconut yogurt, or chia pudding for a for a high-protein, plant-based breakfast.
-Perfect for pre or post workout, or an outdoor hike.

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