What’s The Skinny on 2 of Social Media’s Trendiest Diets? Stacy Goldberg Featured on Local 4 WDIV

As we sat and watched Oprah (in awe) motivate the entire world with her Cecil B. DeMille acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, we could not help but notice the svelte bodies of the celebrities. Trendy and extreme diets are all the rage in Hollywood, but the trend does not always stop there. Many people are taking to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to learn about the hottest diet trends out there. Keto Diet, Atkins, Paleo, Whole 30, Danette May, Weight Watchers. Which one is right for you if any? Our Nutritionist and CEO, Stacy Goldberg, talks with Help Me Hank of WDIV Channel 4 about the real truth behind the 2 most popular diet trends right now: The Keto Diet and The Whole 30.


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Stacy Goldberg’s Detroit Jewish News Column Eat Right Now: A Healthy Chanukah!

Chanukah has officially started and the smell of latkes and doughnuts are in the air. This month, I shared my healthy tips and food swaps for having a healthy Chanukah in my Detroit Jewish News column ” Eat Right Now”. Before the 8 days spin out of control, read how to control your diet while still enjoying this festive occasion.

Eat Right Now: A Healthy Chanukah! 

Wishing all of those celebrating a very happy and healthy holiday! 


Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN

CEO & Founder, Savorfull

Nutrition Consultant 

Immersing Ourselves in Culture: Savorfull Hits The Michigan Jewish Food Festival & Hears From Joan Nathan, Author of King Solomon’s Table


This past Sunday afternoon, Savorfull explored the Michigan Jewish Food Festival at Eastern Market in search of local vendors offering healthy snacks. Shed 5 was buzzing with locals eager to find new products to add to their kitchen. The aromas of spices and flavors filled the Detroit air as people rushed in the shed doors.

Our Savorfull team is passionate about free-from foods and products with simple nutrient dense ingredients. Our expectations were met when we saw what the vendors at the Jewish Food Festival had to offer.  Some vendors shared gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and dairy-free items such as baked goods and granola bars.

We happened to catch one of our Savorfull brands at the Jewish Food Festival- Spice Foods! These dry roasted almonds are packed full of flavor but contain no added oils. With flavors like Argentinian Chimichurri, Ethiopian Berbere, and Levantine Za’atar… these almonds will add some extra spice to your workday.  Not only will they add spice, they provide a healthy source of fats and  protein which can keep you feeling full. Spice Foods almonds are certified kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural. They are also free-from casein, coconut, corn, dairy, egg, peanut, shellfish, soy, wheat, and sesame. Spice Foods say that it is essential to experience a culture through food. What better way to incorporate new spices into your day than picking up some of these all-natural almonds? Order Spice Foods products at our Savorfull website to see what all the rage is- after all, their vendor table was swarming with locals on Sunday!

The West Bloomfield based restaurant Soul Cafe caught the eyes of Savorfull employees because of their healthy yet trendy food dishes. This kosher restaurant is part of the Friendship Circle’s Soul Projects and offers gourmet Jewish dishes that combine nutritious ingredients in a tasty way. One of their delicious menu items is the Veggie Shakshuka- a dish featuring squash, spinach, feta, nestled egg. Soul Cafe also offers Soulful Frittatas and a Grilled Nectarine Salad. The Savorfull team enjoyed Soul Cafe’s granola bars packed with nutrient-dense ingredients such as oats, cherries, blueberries, chia, maple, dates, pecan, and flax.

The Savorfull team wanted to increase our knowledge of healthy foods after attending the Jewish Food Festival. On Monday, our very own CEO & Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg and her team headed to Temple Beth El to hear Joan Nathan speak about her new cookbook King Solomon’s Table. This cookbook focuses on incorporating traditional Jewish cooking onto the modern day kitchen table. Joan explained that most foods that we consider “modern” truly date back to ancient times. Her recipes use simple, yet wholesome ingredients such as chickpeas, pomegranates, lentils, dates, and sesame… just to name a few! Joan shared with us that she couldn’t possibly find the information for her cookbook over a phone or online. She needed to immerse herself in the Jewish culture for the recipes she was making by traveling to India, France, Italy, Mexico, El Salvador and Israel. Pick up King Solomon’s Table to incorporate traditional cooking into your home while expanding your palette.

Challenge yourself to add a non-traditional recipe to your week or try a new flavor-packed snack. Exploring new foods might sound intimidating at first, but it is worth the investment for your future generation of family recipes! Join us in experiencing other cultures by learning more about authentic recipes to add to your kitchen.

Healthy Hacks For Back-To-School As Featured in Stacy Goldberg’s Column, Eat Right Now: Detroit Jewish News

It’s that time of year again…back-to-school is fast approaching. At my house, I am busy organizing folders, filling out paperwork and yes, testing healthy back-to-school meal and snack options! My kitchen and Savorfull offices has turned into a test kitchen with my kids, their friends and of course, our Savorfull team. This can be an overwhelming task for many parents! This month, in my column, Eat Right Now, featured in the Detroit Jewish News, I focus on Healthy Hacks For Back-To-School. 


Read here for the full article:

Healthy Hacks For Back-To-School

As I walked through the aisles of Target getting my sunscreen last month, I caught a glimpse of backpacks and binders being set up for back-to-school. My mind immediately started thinking about lunches, snacks and fueling my kids for their extra-curricular activities. As parents well know, getting ready for work and school in the morning can be incredibly stressful. Rushing the process may lead to making unhealthy, unsatisfying choices at breakfast, lunch and in-between. A poorly packed lunch not only slows down productivity in the afternoon but contributes to weight gain.

According to the CDC, the percentage of children with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s. Today, about one in five school aged-children (ages 6-19) has obesity. Putting together a balanced midday meal may be a dreaded task in your home, but packing a lunch need not feel like a chore this school year.


Dedicate a fraction of your Sunday to lunch-packing prep. Prepare soups, salads or leftovers into BPA-free reusable containers for easy additions to lunch bags during the week. Cook quinoa or brown rice ahead of time and have whole grains on hand. If you can’t find time to prep a full week of meals, plan a weekly family menu to eliminate time spent scouring the fridge for lunch foods.


Before heading to bed, put the finishing touches on your lunch to eliminate stress the next morning. Pack any foods that weren’t pre-prepped earlier in the week, such as crackers, dips and dressings.


For hectic mornings, keep grab-and-go lunch options within reach to ensure no one misses the bus. Stock an area of your fridge with pre-cut and washed fruits and veggies that can be added to lunch bags in a time crunch. When rushing out the door, toss Greek yogurt, string cheese, individually portioned guacamole or hummus into your kids’ bags for a nutritious boost.


Tupperware with multiple compartments makes lunch-packing easier. This helps with portion control and allows organization for all your food groups. When shopping for containers to store your foods, look for products labeled BPA-free. BPA is an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate, a hard, clear plastic, which is used in many consumer products. Several studies have proven that health risks are created due to this chemical seeping into food over time.


Think outside the lunch box.


The 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kid Act helped transform school meals and snacks with the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans. When packing lunch for your child, include lean proteins, brightly colored fruits and veggies, whole grains, healthy fats and calcium-rich dairy products (or non-dairy alternatives).

  • Instead of your standard PB&J, try it on a stick! Cut your sandwich into squares and place onto skewers with pieces of fruit in between. For a peanut-free alternative, try Don’t Go Nuts Soy Nut Butters with sprouted grain bread. Alternatively, try a PB&J burrito with raisins or unsweetened dried cranberries. To amp up the protein and fiber, look for tortillas infused with added protein and fiber, such as La Tortilla Factory.
  • Lunchables are a classic favorite for kids but often filled with sugar and fat. Make your own nacho or taco bento boxes and swap out your traditional tortilla chip for Beanfields chips. This provides more protein and fiber in the diet for sustained energy. Include beans, olives, guacamole, shredded cheese and diced veggies for an awesome home-made lunchable.
  • Mix it up with monochromatic lunches and let your child decide which color and foods he desires. For example, if choosing the color green, you can offer cucumbers and broccoli dipped in avocado, fresh or dry roasted edamame and grapes or kiwi for dessert.



  • For a nutrient-dense treat, try a s’more sandwich using a gluten-free supergrain-filled Kind Healthy Grains Bar cut in half in place of graham crackers, Don’t Go Nuts chocolate spread (think peanut-free, low-sugar Nutella) or high-protein Nakee butter and all-natural marshmallows from Trader Joe’s.
  • Need a gluten-free option? Try cereal-dipped bananas! Crush up a low-sugar, high-protein cereal such as Kind Protein Peanut Butter Granola or Kay’s Naturals, roll the banana first in peanut, almond or soy-nut butter, then immerse it in cereal for a nutritious snack. You can even freeze these for an end-of-summer treat.
  • Swap traditional cut-up fruit for a fruit cone. Use an organic ice-cream cone such as Let’s Do Organic Sugar cones and fill with your fresh fruit to keep it lively for kids. You could also make a waffle cone sundae using Nutritional Choices Waffle Bites and top them off with vanilla Greek yogurt, fresh berries and a few dark-chocolate chips.

Note: Many of the snacks suggested in this article are available at

Stacy Goldberg is a nationally recognized nutritional consultant, registered nurse and the CEO of Savorfull (, a Detroit-based company that sources healthy, allergen-friendly foods and provides nutrition-consulting. Savorfull is part of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies.

Our Free-From Philosophy at Savorfull


Walk into any grocery store and you will be assaulted with additives, bombarded with artificial colors, and blasted with high fructose corn syrup. Even with the keenest eye for reading nutrition labels, it can be difficult to find foods that cater to individual dietary needs. Savorfull has worked hard to take out the guesswork and relieve the hassle when shopping for food to maintain healthy habits. Our mission is to provide our clients with free-from foods and bring the reality of a clean-eating lifestyle within reach. Did we mention these products are also outrageously delicious?

Our online store makes it easy to find the products you’re looking for, as well as help discover new craveable foods you never knew existed! Thousands of products are broken down by category (such as spreads, chips, beverages) as well as whatever you may be free-from (corn, dairy, gluten). To find out all the items we’re free-from, check out the list below. Once your appetite is good and whetted, visit our shop to take the next step towards a simple and sustainable clean-eating lifestyle.   


All foods we offer are free-from:

  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Trans Fat
  • Artificial Dyes & Colors
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

Certain foods are free-from:

  • Casein
  • Coconut
  • Corn
  • Dairy
  • Egg
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Peanut
  • Shellfish
  • Sesame
  • Soy
  • Tree Nut

Additional Searchable Product Features and Certifications:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • High Protein
  • High Fiber
  • Healthy Fats
  • BPA Free
  • All Natural
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Fair Trade
  • Many More!

With Savorfull- shipping is always free making it easier and more economical to feed you, your family, company and/or team. Have questions? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you lickity split!


Savorfull Ranks #1 On Inc. Top 10 Wonderful Gift Ideas For Employee Appreciation Day

Even though Employee Appreciation Day has past, its never too late to show you care about your team members. This past month. Inc. Magazine came up with 10 Wonderful Gift Ideas For Employee Appreciation Day and we are thrilled to have topped the list at #1. Do your team members really need more ice cream, candy or flowers? Appreciating your team with healthy, free-from foods shows them that you care about their health, wellness and future! In our book, employee appreciation day is everyday. Read more in this article featured on by John Brandon “Top 10 Wonderful Gift Ideas For Employee Appreciation Day”

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