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Stacy Goldberg, CEO and Founder, Savorfull

A “free-from” food fanatic and nutrition consultant, Stacy Goldberg created Savorfull to help clients incorporate healthy and delicious foods into a simple and sustainable lifestyle.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Savorfull is a member of The Quicken Loans Family of Companies. Stacy leads the Savorfull team as it sources clean eating-based, allergy-friendly foods and provides nutrition consulting/wellness programs for businesses, corporations as well as numerous professional and collegiate sports teams. Savorfull also features an eCommerce platform which connects consumers and corporate decision makers to the latest healthy food products.

Creating Savorfull has been the culmination of Stacy’s 18-year career and dedication to healthy living. She has educated thousands of clients over the years and has her pulse on the free-from food industry, by traveling to food shows across the country to identify healthy alternatives.

Stacy has been recognized as a DBusiness “30 in Their 30’s” and is the official health and wellness consultant for the NBA Coaches Association. She is also a contributing writer and television personality for many local and national media outlets. A graduate of The University of Michigan School of Nursing with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Nursing and a Registered Nurse, Stacy also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health, specializing in Human Nutrition from The University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Her personal commitment to a clean eating, free-from lifestyle and daily yoga and Pilates practice keep her balanced both on and off the mat. Stacy dedicates herself to several philanthropic causes and enjoys traveling, playing tennis and spending time with her friends and family.

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