Stacy Goldberg and the Savorfull team are helping to improve the health and wellness of businesses, corporations and sports teams, not only in the city of Detroit but nationwide. Their ability to source unique, healthy and allergen friendly foods and provide nutrition education makes it convenient and efficient for our Quicken Loans Family of Companies to make sound food choices at work everyday.

Bruce Schwartz / Detroit Ambassador, Bedrock Real Estate

I am pleased to report our relationship (w/ Savorfull) has gone beyond all expectations. Ms. Goldberg’s skills in the area of nutrition, health, well-being and lifestyle has been a major plus to our membership. As you can imagine, the life of a NBA Coach is extraordinarily hectic and stressful and Ms. Goldberg’s advice to our membership has not only been well received but extremely beneficial.

Ms. Goldberg is also the Principle and CEO of Savorfull. In this role she has provided our membership with the opportunity to purchase and consume a line of healthy and nutritional snacks and energy boosting foods. Many of our Coaches have taken advantage of this opportunity and this is another step in the right direction for our group. I can enthusiastically recommend Ms. Goldberg to any organization looking for the proper guidance in the aforementioned areas. In addition her people and personal interaction skills are outstanding and this assists her greatly in her mission.

Michael Goldberg, Executive Director National Basketball Coaches Association (1943-2017)

Working with Savorfull this past season was a huge benefit for the Canton Charge players and the organization. They provided us with quality snacks that helped optimize our performance and nutritional needs throughout the season. They also provided us with educational materials for our team in regards to correct ratios of nutrients, how to boost our immune systems, hydration, and vitamin and supplement advice. The Savorfull team is always available to help us with any questions or concerns that our players have and I believe that working with them gives our team big advantage on the court.

Adam Linens, MS, ATC, CSCS, CES, PES, Canton Charge

I have been working with Stacy for about 8 years, she is a consummate professional, very caring and offers a great service to the ever-changing nutritional health care industry. Savorfull brings a unique awareness to the consumer of the high quality nutritionally dense and allergen free products that are offered in the market place.

Nick Apone, District Executive Chef - Eurest, Compass Group, NAD

We've been lucky to build a strong relationship with Stacy and the Savorfull team this past year. Instead of offering the sugary, processed foods facilities departments often do, Savorfull gave us the unique opportunity to provide healthy snacks that boost productivity and health consciousness in our team. Savorfull is committed to their mission and has worked diligently to meet our wellness needs! Thanks!

Dan Sims, Leader of Experienced Counters/Purchasing Enthusiast - Quicken Loans

At HealthRise Solutions we start with health from within. Savorfull fuels us with the energy to be great.

David Farbman, Author / Speaker / Hunter

I heard about your website and products through Healthy Blue Living and will definitely be taking advantage of your products personally. I think the concept is wonderful and it's great to support a Michigan-born endeavor. Good luck.

Jennifer F., Detroit MI

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your Lunch & Learn on Healthy Eating at Farbman U yesterday. I think it would be great if we could have you come a few more times. Anyway I am going to use the information you gave us yesterday, do a little research and hopefully change a few things for myself. Again thank you and good luck to you!,

Tammy N., NAI Farbman/Farbman Group, Southfield, MI

I just wanted to say that the Skinny Pop Popcorn is just the best.I am hooked on it and have gotten everyone I work with hooked on it. We go through at least 2 bags a week. Thanks for putting out such a wonderful product and on top of that to be GMO & gluten free. I love it. I just had to let you know how great it is. Keep up the good work Savorfull!

B. Taylor

I LOVE providing Savorfull products at QL events, because I can offer team members great snacks that are fit for their dietary needs! Everyone enjoys them and they are a hit!

Adrian Reetz, Quicken Loans Global Training | The Starting Line Detroit, MI

I can’t thank you enough for looking out for us gluten free folks! It’s nice to go to the kitchen and have GF snacks like the others!

Quicken Loans MS Closing Specialist, Detroit, MI

I just wanted to say these cookies were DELICIOUS!!!! Keep up the great work Stacy and team!
So proud of you guys!

F.N., Business Intellegence Group, Data Analyst, Quicken Loans, Detroit, MI

Our client testimonials are extremely important to us. Not only do they demonstrate how much people appreciate our products and services, but they also serve as another form of motivation for our team, pushing us to improve Savorfull at every turn.

Client feedback is the best way for a business to learn and grow. We can always learn something from our clients experiences and stories. If you have something you would like to say to us,  please feel to share it with us!


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