We know the drill; you scroll through Facebook and see that hip new food shop that just opened in New York. Maybe it’s a cookie dough store or maybe they specialize in everything avocado or maybe they have some type of food you’ve never even heard of until today. All you know is you’ve GOT  to try it.

We love food too, and Stacy Goldberg. MPH, RN, BSN  is obsessed with everything that has to do with free-from food trends. Get a sneak peak of the exciting new food trends to look out for this year in Total Beauty’s article “Bored of Avocados? Here Are 13 Foods Experts Say Will Be Trending This Year,” featuring our favorite expert, our CEO and Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn about goth food, collagen peptides, mushroom mania and much more.